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                                  Choose a Plan


                                  Founded in 1966, the World Future Society is recognized as the largest, most influential, and longest-running community of future thinkers in the world. WFS members established the foundations of future thinking as we understand it today. Historical members and contributors included legendary minds such as Carl Sagan, Buckminster Fuller, Alvin Toffler, Herman Kahn, Peter Drucker, Arthur C. Clarke, Gene Roddenberry, and Margaret Mead.


                                  💪 We believe that our organization must play a vital role in developing the new systems that will be required. 

                                  💪 If you also believe in this, please join us and help us co-create and architect a better future and a better world.


                                  Step 1: Educate and bring together as many people in as many countries in the world as possible to understand how to co-create new systems for civilization, while also servicing their well being. 

                                  Step 2: Engage as many visionaries as possible who think big about the future to share, discuss, debate, refine ideas in our CivTypeOne Forums.

                                  Step 3: Synthesize the intelligence created in our CivTypeOne Forums using augmentation technology.

                                  Step 4: Create, Build and support For Purpose entities aligned with the ongoing collective intelligence from our CivTypeOne Forums to directly help shape an advanced future proofed civilization. 


                                  Inspired by the Sagan Kardashev Scale, we believe that each intelligent species either transitions from a Type 0 Civilization to a Type 1 Civilization or goes extinct. 

                                  As we have evolved and advanced we have achieved tremendous technological growth, but also have unintentionally built in immense complexity which has overwhelmed many of our globalized systems. 

                                  Covid-19 is the first time in our species existence where we at a global scale are experiencing a potential systems collapse of our Civilization. We now have the opportunity to create a Civilization Type One which can better handle exponential growth and human advancement.

                                  While the outcome of the Covid-19 is uncertain. What is certain there will be many more future threats likely of greater intensity that will ultimately bring down our systems if we maintain our status quo operations. 

                                  We believe it is negligent to continue with short term siloed thinking about our systems and instead propose that a Futurist Mindset is needed to imagine the future from a clean sheet of possibility versus reverting back to a failing system with extra band-aids.   

                                  Helping to develop and co-create a Civilization Type One is the mission of the World Future Society and its CivTypeOne initiative.

                                  If you share our vision please join thousands of future thinkers and builders in 82 countries to co-create desired futures by joining WFS today. 

                                  Here are just a few more of the amazing people you will meet in the WFS community:

                                  "It's time to move beyond pontification and begin building new systems through advanced collaboration."

                                  ssr软件下载, CEO & Board Chair of the World Future Society

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                                  I'm always looking for something new to learn, and this community is the first place I go when I'm curious about a new subject or want to find a new resource."

                                  Forrest Webber, Director at Wander Media LLC

                                  "There is a tendency right now to think that anyone who is associated with Future Thinking is alone in the woods, or a bit crazy.

                                  We have an opportunity here to come together and arm each other with our case studies, stories, tactics, and thought capital, so that we can bridge that thinking. It's also all about having a support system. There is a camaraderie that comes from bringing like-minded people together to understand that they aren't alone in this endeavor and can facilitate really meaningful dialogue."

                                  Minsoo Pak, Entrepreneur, Futurist, and Creative Problem Solver


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                                  Organizations like the World Future Society make available to everyone the tools we need to amplify our work and help us all access this way of thinking."

                                  Lea Artis, Healing, Liberation, and Empowerment Coach, Multidisciplinary Systems Thinker, Creative Strategist, and Social Innovator

                                  "I joined the World Future Society when I was looking for a bigger community of people who, like me, are curious about the future. 

                                  I found a place where we can share our experiences and talk about important issues from a global perspective." 

                                  Vanessa Carstens, Behavioral Specialist and Business Coach

                                  "It's so satisfying to be part of a community of thinkers who really care about the future of the world and go out of the way to share their ideas. Also, it's good to finally realize that you're not a nut job!"

                                  Ian Khan, Author, Speaker, Filmmaker, Forbes Contributor, TEDx Speaker, and Technology Futurist featured on CNN

                                  "As part of this community, I want to understand what people are doing to act on the future. I want to talk in-depth about how we're doing things, what practical ideas we're implementing, and what we're going to try next." 

                                  Elburz Sorkhabi, Expert in Experiential Design, Immersive Media, and Interactive Technology

                                  "I joined the World Future Society because I was craving an opportunity to have conversations with like-minded people. This is the ideal place to share our ideas and talk about longer-term visions for the future."

                                  Heather Figallo, Senior Director of Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship at Southwest Airlines

                                  We 💜any and all opportunities to collaborate with future-focused entities to spread and encourage the Futurist Mindset. If you want to know more about how you or your organization can support our mission, please contact us.

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                                  "Humanity needs foresight; it will be in it's collective ability to move the discourse towards clearer intentions co-creating informed futures." Puruesh Chaudhary, WFS Advisor and one of the world’s top female futurists

                                  "Much like the future itself, always a journey never a destination, the World Future Society has been a beacon of hope, symbolizing the exciting promise of tomorrow!"Thomas Frey, WFS Advisor


                                  "I have been a member of the World Future Society since the 1960s! I was thrilled to  become a card-carrying futurist. The World Future Society quickly became the best organization that encouraged all kinds of "outside the box“ thinking about such issues as planetary concerns about our use of natural resources, whether our academic styles of “siloed” knowledge prevented societies from seeing the bigger, more integrated picture of our human future, and much more. 

                                  在家办公软件哪个好_在家办公必备软件下载推荐_在家办公 ...:2021-4-1 · 2021年新冠肺炎疫情导致绝大部分人都必须待在家办公,但是在家办公不比在公司上班那么方便,这时候在家办公软件就派上用场了。在家办公必备 ...The World Future Society has been a conceptual and organizational ally in my work and continues to foster imaginative thinking and the creative people needed to address today’s global challenges." — Hazel Henderson, WFS Advisor

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